Tehran Towers

Milad Tower برج میلاد Milad Tower برج میلاد

Milad Tower

برج میلاد

Tehran’s Milad Tower is a multi-purpose skyscraper located in northwestern Tehran. Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The head structure of this tower, which has an area of 12000 square meters, is the largest among all towers in the world in terms of area in use.

The general form of the body consists of a central octagon with some interior walls and four trapezoidal wings connected to it. Read More...

Zone: 2
Address 1: Milad Tower, pass with Milad Tower, Shahid Hemmat Highway entrance, Sheikh Fazlullah Nuri highway, Tehran, Iran
Address 1: تهران، بزرگراه شیخ فضل الله نوری، ورودی بزرگراه شهید همت، کنار گذر اختصاصی برج میلاد
Business hour: 9 am- 11pm
Tel: +98-21-8585/84361535


Azadi Tower برج آزادی Azadi Tower برج آزادی

Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower)

برج آزادی

In the second half of the fourteenth century A.H.S, the design of western gateway of Tehran, adjacent to the Mehrabad International Airport and many of the paths leading to Tehran are launched with the aim of memorial building in addition to specific visual effects, associate history, arts and culture of this country and consider it as a symbol of the Iranian capital. Read More...

Zone: 9
Address : Azadi Tower, Azadi Square, Tehran, Iran
Address : ایران، تهران، میدان آزادی، برج آزادی
Business hour: Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Fridays from 10am to pm
Tel: +98-21-66023951 / 4


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