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Bazaar-E- Mesgarha in Shiraz - Shiraz, Iran بازار مسگرهای شیراز Bazaar-E- Mesgarha in Shiraz - Shiraz, Iran بازار مسگرهای شیراز

Bazaar-E- Mesgarha in Shiraz

بازار مسگرهای شیراز

This market is one of Shiraz markets, which have located in the neighborhood of Darb-E- Shahzadeh. This market is remaining of Bazaar-E- Gheisariyeh which has been built in the west of the Khan’s School by Imam Gholi Khan. As this market has been made of brick and plaster, it connects the Bazaar-E- Morgh and Ordu Bazaar to each other.

This market is very similar of the executive to Bazaar-E- Vhakil, but compared to the Bazaar-E- Vhakil, regard to every dimension and scale, it has been built in a smaller scale. Alike to Bazaar-E- Vhakil, the ceiling of this market is arched and on top of its circular covering 1 there can be seen some absorbents (hatches) which you can see those hatches on the top of the stores. Another difference between this market with Bazaar-E-Vhakil is that, the stores of this market has been made mostly on level of the ground or lower than the surface of the ground. May be it is because of the kinds of goods which has offered in these stores. Also in the portal of entry of the stores, there is a cover between two arches which follows of two sides of arches that reach to the ground by a wide base 2. Another market which is called Bazaar-E- Gheisariyeh, connects to this market from right with 12 pairs of stores which have mostly a level higher than the surface of the ground, and compared to Bazaar-E- Mesgarha, the height of these stores is relatively high.

In ancient times, people have made the height of the stores considering to being sold stuffs. For example, bakery stores were below the surface of the ground and the grocery stores were above the surface of the ground.

The market was destroyed by an earthquake during the Qajar dynasty and was restored in 1878. This market is already the sale centre of furnishings.

  1. Circular covering: عرقچین
  2. Base: پاکار ، تکیه گاه

Address: Bazaar-E- Mesgarha - next to the Bazaar-E- Vakil- crossing of Ahmadi and Zand streets, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
Address: ایران، استان فارس، شیراز، تقاطع خیابان های احمدی و زند، جنب بازار وکیل، بازار مسگرها


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