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Shiraz is the center of Fars province in southwestern of Iran and is located in latitude 29/37 and longitude 52/32. It has an altitude of 1,540 m. The distance of the city from Tehran, Isfahan, and Bushehr is 895 kilometers, 481 kilometers and 320 kilometers, respectively. The name of Shiraz first had been mentioned on Elamite clay discs, back to 2000 BC. The name of Shiraz had been observed on some potteries found in the ruins of the Sasanian era from second century AD. Based on the writings of some local authors, according to the Shahnameh, the name Shiraz, is derived from the name of the third son of Shah Jahan, i.e. Tahmures. Archaeological excavations at Persepolis, supervised by George Cameron in 1314 solar year, led to finding clay inscriptions that there was the name of a castle called "Tirazis" or "Shirazis" on some of them. Also some seals have been found from the late Sasanian and early Islamic era, in the Abunasr Palace that contain the name of "Shiraz". This city was the capital city of Iran during Saffarids, Bowie and Zandie era.

Darvazeh Ghoran- Shiraz Shiraz as the cultural capital city of Iran is the fifth biggest city of this country. Shiraz, has always been the cradle of civilization. It is located in the heat of the ancient territory of Persia and near several ancient places including Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, Pasargadae, City of Bishapour, and ancient altars fire temples and varied natural places like Margoon waterfall, the Behesht-e Gomshode (Lost Paradise), Parishan Lake, Bakhtegan lake, etc.

Due to the relatively temperate climate of Shiraz, lush gardens are scattered all over the city, making the weather more moderate. The City is limited to mountain Kuh Derak from the west, and to the mountains of Bemu, Sabz Poushan, Chehel Magham, and Babakuhi (from Zagros mountains) from the north. The dried river of Shiraz is a seasonal river that passes through the city of Shiraz and leans toward its southeastern basin and flows into Lake Maharlou.

map-of-iran-shiraz Due to the lushness and the beauty of Shiraz it is known as the city of flowers and poetry and the bride of cities of Iran... The city's famous handicrafts include mat weaving, pottery, silver making, embossing, inlay work, color work, and carpentry. Also the presence of numerous industrial factories, universities and historical monuments has made the city famous. The main industry of Shiraz is tourism and the hotels in the city host travelers especially in orange blossom (Bahar Narenj) season.

The 15th of Ordibehesht (May 5th) is nominated as Day of Shiraz. Due to this occasion, special programs are held by the municipality of Shiraz every year in this day.

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Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه
Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه

Kish Commercial Center
Kish Commercial Center

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