Kerman Province

Kerman Province

About Kerman Province

استان کرمان

Kerman Province with the area of 175,069 square kilometers is located in Iran’s south east. The area of the province is the second largest province in the country. This province is limited to south Khorasan and Yazd Provinces from the north, Hormozgan Province from the south, Sistan and Balouchestan Province from east and and Fars Province from west. This province has 64 cities, 23 counties, 54 sections and 150 villages.

The capital city of the province is Kerman City.

Kerman has very old history, which according to some historians and scholars, the history of human settlement goes back to the fourth millennium BC.

....


 The Arg-e-Bam of Kerman- Kerman - Iran- ارگ بم کرمان  The Arg-e-Bam of Kerman- Kerman - Iran- ارگ بم کرمان

The Arg-e-Bam of Kerman

ارگ بم کرمان

Arg as a word meant a small citadel, built inside a bigger one or a tower and was designated as the domicile of the kings and state rulers.

Locating on the Silk Road, northeast of Bam in the Kerman Province, Arg-e-Bam is one of the greatest adobe building collections. The Arg-e-Bam collection, including the old city and the citadel extends about 20 hectares in which the Arg and the citadel area is near 6 hectares. The The Arg belonged to the ruler and was the city political and martial centre. ....Read More...


 Shahdad Desert (Kalut Shahdad)- Kerman - Iran- کویر شهداد

Shahdad Desert (Kalut Shahdad)

کویر شهداد

Shahdad Desert is 100 Kilometers from Kerman.

From east, it is 30 Kilometers from Dasht-e Lut and overlooks a plain called Tekab that makes up the main part of Khabis.

This region is known as one of the Geothermal Poles among the geologists. Current Shahdad is in a triangular shape whose vertex is located towards the Kenaran Valley and ....Read More...


 The Lut Desert (Dasht-eLut)- Kerman - Iran- کویر لوت  The Lut Desert (Dasht-eLut)- Kerman - Iran- کویر لوت

The Lut Desert (Dasht-e Lut)

کویر لوت

The Lut Desert is situated between the Southern Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman provinces. It lies between two faults: the Nehbandan Fault on the east and the Nayband Fault on the west. The Lut Desert catchment area is about 175 thousand square kilometers (one tenth of the total area of the country) and is 900 kilometers from north to south and about 300 kilometers from west to east. At the foothills facing the Lut Desert, there are relics of human settlements from the fourth millennium B.C. ....Read More...


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