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Khalije Fars Business Center (Persian Gulf Business Center) مجتمع تجاری خلیج فارس Shiraz, Fars province, Iran
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Using credit card in Iran! | استفاده از کارت اعتباری در ایران!

Untoldiran friends,


A year a go my friend went to Iran from Istanbul Turkey and stayed in Iran for 2 weeks. He really enjoyed Iran and suggested me to visit there.


The only problem he told me was that i can't use my credit card in Iran. Is it still the same or now we can? If still can't use credit card (visa or master card), let me know how to use my money to pay for my expenses there?




هم وطن عزیز لطفا جواب سوال را از طریق کامنت ارسال بفرمایید.

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Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه
Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه

Kish Commercial Center
Kish Commercial Center

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